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University of Michigan - Dearborn Campus

780 Town Center Drive. Dearborn, MI 48126

(Located at the Club House)

Available during Final Exam Weeks!

Students, please check with the leasing office.

We are looking to setup group acupuncture in this Atrium. 

September 2016!

Students of the Dearborn Campus,


Life during school can be stressful at times, whether you are experiencing stress from exams or personal relationships. Stress can manifest in many ways such as, difficulty concentrating, increased worrying, trouble completing assignments on time, short temper or increased agitation, tension, headaches, tight muscles (especially neck and shoulder), stress eating, poor sleeping habits. Good news is acupuncture can help! 

How it works:

I will be placing tiny-disposable-needles in trigger points of the body which releases Endorphin's in the brain to kick-start the healing process. The healing takes places almost immediately after needles have been placed. You will feel super relaxed as the needles trigger your body's energy to start healing. The healing typically takes place between 30-60 minutes. Actual length of the treatment depends on individual comfort and when you feel like you've had enough.