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Welcome to Aaron Li Acupuncture

Hello, My name is Aaron. I am personally and professionally invested in your healing journey. I approach every patient's condition with thoughtful, and thorough treatment plans to ensure holistic and long-term relief. 

Aaron Guantong Li.  R.Ac; 

The Chinese Caligraphy on the left are dedicated to my teacher Dr. Tan.  "立竿见影 - Li Gan Jian Ying," it means when standing a pole under the sun, you see its shadow immedately. This is his legacy for developing methodology of distant acupuncture points which can see results in pain relief within seconds. 

The Chinese Caligraphy on the right are dedicated to my mentors Eileen Han, Delphine Armand and Paul Wang, who are Dr. Tan's Top Students. "饮水思源 Yin Shui Si Yuan" it means when you are drinking water, remember its source. This is the wisdom of gratitude. Gratitude Energy generate a bond between you and the Universe to  create a mutual vibration. 

Trust Your Care to Aaron Li Acupuncture

With more than 11 years of experience, Aaron Li brings a level of experience and expertise that's unparalleled to the Metro Detroit Area. Just as each patient is different, every treatment is tailored differently to fit the individual patient's needs. Aaron leaves no discomfort unturned in his assessment of patient's conditions by utilizing a holistic approach to a sound mind and body healing. As any of his patients can attest, the proof is in the results.

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