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Epilepsy is an uncontrolled, repetitive and hyper-synchronous neuronal activities in the brain. Commonly called as fits or seizures, these movements limit the patients physically as well as affect the quality of life.

Western Medicine suggests that the underlying cause might be the hyper excitability of the neurons. One of the classifications of the seizures called focal seizures targets specific areas of the brain (cortex) eliciting the symptoms whereas another type includes generalized seizures occurring irregularly across the body. Simply an imbalance in the inhibition and excitation also known as firing of the neurons leads to seizures. Now let’s discuss the cause of epilepsy according to Chinese medicine theory.

We have an elaborate system was developed which depicted the associations and influences between the astronomical systems, weather and the internal organs, functions and sensations. Yin Yang is a fundamental part of this theory which describes the cause of epilepsy.

This theory focuses on four aspects:

  • Due to Wind

  • Due to fright

  • Due to phlegm

  • Due to blood stasis

According to the yin and yang concept, the seizures are caused by Liver-Wind syndrome which is the accumulation of phlegm leading to seizures. This is the external approach whereas the internal approach consists of emotional influence or fright leading to Liver dysfunction which can later cause the symptoms of seizures.

Another cause of epilepsy according to the Chinese Medicine is the static blood in the vessels which in turn can be due to cerebral trauma and leads to headaches.

Generally, the cause of the disease is the main factor in its treatment. Similarly in this case, the seizures caused by the accumulation of phlegm can be cured by its extraction. Moreover, eliminating the feelings of fright and discomfort will lead to the cure of the disease. For the epilepsy caused by the wind factor, removing it will be beneficial in the treatment of these types of fits.

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