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Heart Palpitation

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Palpitation is a condition of the heart when it feels like your heart has skipped a beat or added an extra beat. You may have a feeling that your heart is racing, pounding, or fluttering. This reaction can be felt not only in the heart but also in the neck, throat, or chest. They have causes that may not be as a result of underlying disease but due to exercise, stress, smoking, anxiety, use of marijuana, alcohol or misuse of medications. This condition can be serious in some cases when symptoms like chest pain and dizziness are felt, and in such cases see your physician.

In Chinese medicine the following can be the main factors contributing to development of palpitation;  Blood stagnation, Heart Yin Deficiency, Heart Yang deficiency and Heart Qi deficiency. The Kidney, Ren, And Stomach channel passes through the heart region in the chest. Through acupuncture, we could direct blood flow to the affected chest area. The Western medicine says if someone have underlying heart disease the palpitations may be caused by arrhythmia or by electrical abnormalities in the heart and these types of palpitations are usually more serious and requires immediate medical treatment. The medications commonly used for treating this types of palpitation is called beta blockers, which slows the heart rate and control the electricity flowing through. Also as part of the treatment a medical procedure called an Ablation can be performed by the cardiologist to help control palpitations from arrhythmia.

Acupuncture is sometimes more efficient than Western medicine, and the combination of the two gives a more excellent result. What makes Chinese medicine and acupuncture a great complement of Western medicine is its ability to detect health problems at their early stage and its potency to correct them to prevent much bigger problems in the future. Through acupuncture, the body can be brought back to it's normal state, that is functioning as it is meant to.

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