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Irregular Heart Beat

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Irregular heart beating is sometimes also known as palpitations. This is a condition when heart beats either too fast (more than 100bpm) or too slow (less than 60bpm). A person can hear his heart beating and the symptoms arising in the person with an irregular beating include dizziness and shortness of breath.

Excessive intake of caffeine and stress or anxiety usually leads to disease-free palpitations. A medical condition can be associated with it therefore a medical diagnosis is necessary to be made before treatment.

In Chinese Medicine, it is due to the disturbance of Shen (mind) , Qi (energy) and Yin (fluid) deficiency. Yin deficiency leads to blood and fire deficiency. Apart from these, over-concentrated thinking exhausts the heart and spleen which in turn damages the normal bodily mechanisms.

This is when acupuncture can provide a safe solution, as western medicine may include side effects in most of prognosis. Irregular heart beating is not a disease itself but a symptom which can lead to a disease later in life if left unattended. 

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