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Asthma is an health status in which a person's airways becomes inflamed, narrow, swells and generates extra mucus, and all these triggers coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Asthma is caused due to environmental and genetic factors, that is the reason some people have it and others don't. It can be a minor disturbance for some people while being a great problem for others, that poses to be life threatening and disrupts their daily activities. Asthma can be of allergic and non-allergic origin. Allergic asthma are environmental influenced, that is anything that irritates the airways and sets off the symptoms of asthma like cigarette smoke, exercise and allergic reaction to things like dust or pollen.

In Chinese Medicine, asthma is caused by production of excess viscid mucus which occurs as a result of weakness of the major organs spleen and kidney which are involved in the processing of liquids in the body. Chinese medicine gives us two patterns of asthma, which are Deficiency pattern is also called Chronic asthma,  in this case patient has cold hands and feet, wheezing and so on. Excess pattern is the second pattern of asthma which has to do with acute asthma where severe chest pain/tightness, shortness of breath e.t.c are experienced by an individual. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine has provided cures for asthma through the use of acupuncture. We have a long-lasting history of effective treatment of different respiratory diseases including asthma, chronic coughing and chronic sighing. Acupuncture works to invigorate the blood and energy flow to the lungs from the brain to bring harmony between them. 

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