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    There are multiple types of headaches such as tension, cluster, sinus, hormone, rebound and migraines. Migraines being the most common, it often starts as a dull headache and progresses to a throbbing pain felt throughout the head resulting in nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and noise and have been known to last for days. Factors that often contribute to headaches are emotional health, social activities and exercise, improper diet, physical trauma, and hormones.

    Accupunture gathers information you provide through a health history profile and their physical exam to help locate why your Qi (chee) is out of balance and to identify why and the type of headache. With this information accupuncturists work to restore the flow by concentrating on points specific to your needs. With one visit, you would be focused more on accute symptomes and with multiple visits to our location in Washtenaw County, we would hope to completely fix your chronic problems without medications.

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