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Irregular Menstrual Cycle


Irregular Menstrual Cycle may be caused by thyroid malfunction, pituitary tumor, premature menopause, pregnancy, contraceptives, breast-feeding, excessive exercises, low body fat percentage, hormone imbalance, prolonged illness, prescription medications and stress.

Acupuncture is very effective at regulating the menstrual cycle. Although the modern standard is 21-35 days, acupuncture tend to guide the cycle to 28 days (same as the phase of the Moon). Regulating the Yin and the Yang; the estrogen and progesterone levels. An irregular cycle will affect the mood and productivity at work, school, social life and family. Typically, the longer the cycle goes without being regular, the longer it will take to treat. If a woman decides to conceive, a regular cycle is crucial to the process. With acupuncture treatments bringing about a normal cycle, other gynecological conditions related such as excess/lack of flow and menstrual cramps will also be resolved in most cases.

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