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Tongue Diagnosis

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Initial Exam

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Initial Exam

Main Concern(s): Left Leg Discomfort, Fatigue


K. K


Aaron Li Balance Method
Main concern(s): Left Leg Discomfort, Fatigue
Patient: 57 years old, female, Michigan
Practitioner: Aaron Li


Since six months ago, the patient has been feeling discomfort in her left leg described as tingly and cramping and is not sure of the cause.  She states this discomfort happens a few times a month and rates her discomfort level at its worst a 10 out of 10. Patient has also been dealing with fatigue for several years now, unfortunately experiencing it a few times a week.

She has tried a lot of things from nutritional balancing, parasite protocols, Bemer therapy, vitamins and supplements, massage, seeing a chiropractic, but they don’t completely help to alleviate her health issues fully. Patient hopes to feel like she is at her optimal self every day with plenty of energy. She also wants to be able to feel woken up without relying on external things.



In her initial exam she states that she has been sleeping all the way through the night with maybe sometimes waking up to go to the restroom once. She states her ankle is swollen. She also notes that she feels her hair has been falling out more easily in the last couple of months.


Patient has become free of left leg discomfort and has been able to sleep better because of it, improving her overall energy.  She is now on monthly maintenance treatments.

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