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Tongue Diagnosis


Initial Exam


3 months into treatment

Main Concern(s): Insomnia, UTI, Back Pain, Dizziness


C. M


Aaron Li Balance Method
Main Concern(s): Insomnia, UTI, Back Pain, Dizziness
Patient: 62 years old, female, Michigan
Practitioner: Aaron Li


Patient history:

Patient has been dealing with insomnia for two decades, recurrent UTIs for two decades, back pain for two decades, and dizziness for almost a decade.  Health concerns happen on a weekly to monthly basis. Patient has tried essential oils, dietary changes, vitamins, herbal medicine, and visiting a chiropractic which has helped to a certain extent to alleviate some of the discomfort. She has rated the discomforts of these concerns between a 5 to 10 out of 10. 

Her health issues affect her work in that she feels fatigued and has a low tolerance to stress.  She also feels that she is sick often, can’t attend family functions, and feels she can’t be as attentive to them as she wishes to be.  She feels her energy level also affects her motivation for hobbies such as gardening and painting, and feels an overall decreased enjoyment in life.

Patient also deals with hypothyroidism, feels constipation, IBS, palpitations, chest pain,  lack of concentration, foggy brain, low libido, frequent urination.

In her initial exam, she talks in more detail about her insomnia.  She feels that she is tired but has trouble falling asleep.  She usually ends up waking up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. Recurrent UTI, eczema, ulcers, and infections are also part of her history and she states she has been frequently treated with antibiotics throughout her life but hasn’t really helped.  


One month into treatment, she has gained energy to be able to start weight training and working on cores. Back pain feels resolved. Digestion has improved, and she also feels improvement in sleep. She is also recalling childhood trauma and feels like she is processing through it. She feels her UTIs have dropped from 10/10 in terms of discomfort to 7/10. Her work situation has been disrupting her sleep.

Three months into treatment she has been doing a lot better. She has implemented more weight training, walks, floor exercise, and is also enjoying playing the piano. She feels her sleep has improved a lot and is no longer fatigued. UTI severity has also decreased. 

Patient felt satisfaction with the improvements and has been able to sleep throughout the night. She is no longer held back by her back pain and saw massive improvement with her frequent UTIs making it easier for her to enjoy her hobbies such as playing the piano and weight training. This patient walked away from the clinic happy, healthy, and pain free.

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