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Tongue Diagnosis

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Initial Exam

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1 month into treatment

2 months into treatment

4 months into treatment

Main Concern(s): Fibromyalgia, Joint pain, Inflammation

B. H

Aaron Li Balance Method
Main concerns: fibromyalgia, joint pain, inflammation
Patient: 58 years old, male, Michigan
Practitioner: Aaron Li


Patient History:

Patient has been dealing with fibromyalgia, joint pain, and inflammation for the past 4 years. 

At its worst, the patient scaled the pain level 10 out of 10, and deals with the pain constantly.  Any physical activity aggravates the discomfort.  He has tried injections and medication, which does not give much relief.  HIs condition interferes with all areas of life. He feels difficulty in concentrating due to major fatigue at work.  He can not participate in many family activities. He can not focus on hobbies. Sleep is affected as well. 


Patient has also dealt with Crohn's since 2012 and the pain started thereafter.
Other symptoms he has includes restlessness, irritability, anger, depression, nasal congestion, hot flashes, tinnitus, difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, tremors, unsteady gait, and impotence.

Patient hopes to be able to live his life without pain.



In his initial exam, the patient states that simple tasks such as holding a toothbrush causes pain. The more he moves the worse it hurts.  If he uses any outdoor equipment it will set the pain off for weeks. When he sits down the pain will quiet down to a dull roar, but is still there.
Walking is also a problem in that he feels as if he’s stepping on broken glass, and he can not enjoy family time at the park.  His sleep is erratic and at best sleeps three hours straight at night and usually is awake between 12 AM and 4 AM.



One month into treatment, improvements are seen throughout many of his concerns. Walking does not feel like stepping on broken glass but rather like on pebbles now.  Fatigue and concentration is better, and he is sleeping straight through the night. He does not see much improvement in his Crohn's.  The pain level has dropped from 10 to 7.5.




Two months into treatments, walking still feels like stepping on rocks at times, but also has somewhat reduced to the feeling of pins and needles. He can feel inflammation in the neck and lower back, but there is an improved range of motion in his arms, especially his right arm.  He feels much more alert and awake and like his brain is snapping back into place.
His Crohn’s condition is unchanged.  He feels the pain is at 7/10.  When he overexerts himself he feels more pain.  His memory is starting to clear up, and his thoughts feel clearer as well.  He feels improvements in that he was able to walk normally out of the house for an hour, make errands at home depot, although later on he did need to limp. 


Herbs felt good and kept soaking feet.

Does not use CBC oil anymore.

Four months into treatment, he still has inflammation in both his feet. He still feels like he’s stepping on rocks and pebbles at times, but sometimes feels more like pins and needles.
He feels his memory and brain function is much better. His Crohn’s condition is unchanged but is not causing problems. He feels pain when he over-exerts himself, but was able to move a barbeque grill and was able to take a walk for two hours.
He has had a death in his family which is affecting his sleep.

Did internal scan looks like inflammation is gone away and sees scars


Patient no longer feels pain as debilitating as it used to be. His focus and mental clarity has improved immensely.  There has been a steady increase in his mobility which helps to enjoy time with family, run errands, and take walks.  Patient is now on monthly treatments.

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