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Tongue Diagnosis

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Initial Exam

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2 months into treatment

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Main Concern(s): Tennis Elbow/Tendonitis, Lower Back Pain

B. L


Aaron Li Balance Method
Main concerns: Tennis Elbow/Tendonitis, Lower Back Pain
Patient: 47 years old, male, Michigan
Practitioner: Aaron Li

Patient History:

Patient has been dealing with tendonitis/tennis elbow and lower back pain for a year. At its worst, he rated both as an 8 out of 10 on the pain scale. His elbow pain can be felt daily and lasts for hours. While his lower back pain happens a little more than once per week, it can last for hours. Icing, Ibuprofen, Icy Hot patches, and massage help only temporarily to alleviate some pain. 

Other minor issues he deals with include; abdominal bloating after eating, high blood pressure (which he takes medication for), dry coughing, dry eyes, and tinnitus.

Patient hopes that he will be able to have relief from his chronic pain so that it does not affect his work performance, and hopes to also be able to start back onto arm workouts as someone who enjoys staying active at the gym.



In the initial exam he states he can’t use some of the machinery at work due to the pain he feels in his elbow and arm. He feels dizzy everyday, especially when he lays down and gets up very quickly. His tinnitus is described as hearing the sound of his heart beat and voices sound amplified. Lower back pain is felt while at work or at the gym, but not at all times.


Two months into treatment, he states that he had to take time off of work due to his bad vertigo-which is still affecting his balance.  His arm and elbow pain is feeling better from taking the time off. His sleep hasn't been the best and he hasn’t been able to rest well.

Three months into treatment, he had surgery, and has been sleeping better.
He feels that he has been able to do more work and has been able to go back to the gym to do arm workouts and household chores and feels more normal.  


With the combination of surgery and acupuncture, the patient has seen improvements to his arm and elbow which is no longer limiting his work life, exercise routine, and daily tasks. He is on a once a week treatment to continue his healing journey.

3 months into treatment

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Elbow from initial exam

3 months into treatment

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