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Tongue Diagnosis

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Initial Exam

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1 month into treatment

Main Concern(s): Lethargy, Insomnia, Sexual Dysfunction

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Aaron Li Balance Method
Main Concern(s): Lethargy, Insomnia, Sexual Dysfunction
Patient: 51 years old, male, Michigan
Practitioner: Aaron Li


Patient history:

Patient has been dealing with E.D. for one and a half years accompanied with low libido, lethargy, anxiety, and irritability; which has been aggravated by work and life stress.  He rated the intensity of his complaint as 10/10 at its worst, and states that it affects his life on a daily basis. He has tried medication, dietary changes, vitamins, exercise, chiropractic and massage; which all have helped him to have some short term improvement of his condition. Patient has tried acupuncture 20 years ago and recalled having a positive outcome and decided to give it another try.

His health conditions have affected all areas of his life. Relationships with coworkers, wife, and other family members have become difficult. He has trouble having interest in his hobbies and feels a sense of disappointment in his life. 

Other symptoms include low testosterone levels which he is having hormone replacement therapy for, headaches, cramping, aching, joint pain, chronic pain in neck, shoulder, back, abdominal bloating, excessive gas, mood swings, restlessness, sinus congestion, dry eyes, inability to stay asleep, and waking in the middle of the night.


In his initial exam he states he rates his work stress a 10/10. Taking medication for E.D. helps to a certain extent, but does not help with his low libido. Bowel movements are regular, but sometimes troublesome. He also states his sleep has been affected for a year and he does not feel fully rested.
He feels a lot of tension in his neck and stiffness in his back.  Motivation and drive to do anything is very low, and he feels fatigued all the time. He states that he used to workout but now just drags his feet to the gym. He is not as physically active as he would like to be and wants his daily activities to increase.


After one month of treatment he notices an improvement in his overall mood, but fatigue is still a concern. He has been getting better rest. He has noticed improvements in his libido. He rates the intensity of his concerns a 5/10 at its worst now. He also rates his work stress to be a 6/10 instead of a 10/10, and he feels he can work for a longer period of time in the evenings.  Bowel movements, memory, and focus have all improved.  He hopes to continue improving on his energy level.



Patient states he has quickly seen health improvements and has been back to the gym up to five times a week. He is now continuing a monthly maintenance treatment for further improvements.

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