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Master Tung Ching Chang

宗师: 董景昌

1916 - 1975

Master Tung Ching Chang is considered the greatest acupuncturist who's ever lived. Master Tung was famous for his precision of needle placement, which yields most often spontaneous results for chronic pain and other conditions.  Master Tung would obtain using just a few needles. The acupuncture points he used are unique in that they are located opposite the affected area. In most cases, the patient notices the effect immediately upon insertion of the needle.


Master Tung’s Points and treatment protocols have been a treasured family secret, handed down and refined over many generations until 1975. This style of acupuncture is known as Tungs Extraordinary Points.



Dr. Hu Guang

医师 胡光: 字德润

1948 - Present


Dr. Hu Guang is considered one of the most renowned acupuncturists in China (PRC). Like Master Tung, Dr. Hu Guang is also from Shandong. Dr. Hu Guang is currently an acupuncture physican and professor in The China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (中国中医科学院培训中心).   Dr. Hu Guang is also the Primary Consultant Of Chinese Medicine for The Chinese Liberal Arts Initiative (国学工程)


Dr. Hu Guang is well known for his research work in Tung's Extraordinary Points (董氏奇穴) in the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences for how extraordinary points affects the brain under CT scan. He is also well known for his own The Strange Three Needle Protocol (怪三针).


Dr. Tan Wubian Richard

医师: 譚無邊

Dr. Tan is the founder and developer of Balance Method, which utilities ancient techniques from the Huangdi Neijing, of needling corresponding limbs of opposite side of the body to restore balance of Qi to the body. The efficacy of  pain relief is up to 90% immediately. 

Dr. Tan is always full of wisdom and had many funny jokes to tell as his bedside manner. Aaron has read all of Dr. Tan's books and attended most of his seminars. His legacy lives in Aaron's treatment techniques. This great man has saved many from suffering of pain.  

Dr. Delphine Armand, Dr. Paul Wang, and Dr. Eileen Han

Si Yuan Balance

Beloved Late Dr. Tan's passing is a loss to the world. But his legacy continues through his top apprentices: Dr. Eileen Han, Dr. Paul Wang, and Dr. Delphine Armand. They have accepted Aaron as their apprentice! Aaron works closely with his mentors, assistance in teaching, researching and developing cutting edge treatment techniques. Along the way Aaron also learned many valuable lessons and wisdom as a healer. 

Sensei Katsumi Niikura


Ki is love. Sensei Niikura spend dedicates his life in martial arts training. He also developed his own Ki healing technique which he helped countless cancer patients in recovering. He's a master in Aikido, Judo, Ninjutsu and Karate. Won over 300 matches only lost 3 times. Aaron has trained with Sensei Niikura and acquired some Ki healing techniques from Sensei Niikura. By pushing KI through his fingers, Aaron has incorporated KI into his treatments. 

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