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Hot Flashes

Strong Woman

Hot flashes are conditions associated with postmenopause or perimenopausal women that result in sudden feeling of heat or warmth accompanied by excessive sweating and redness of skin.

Not only hot flashes lead to discomfort but they are also a major factor resulting in sleep disturbance among women.



Initially, hot flashes are caused by body’s increased metabolism which can be caused by some medical conditions that disturb normal bodily functions such as hyper or hypothyroidism. Moreover, some spicy foods or excessive caffeine intake can trigger the condition. Apart from these, certain medication, stress and some cancers lead to the symptoms.



The human body has an inbuilt cooling down mechanism which is known as ‘Yin’. Any imbalance in the yin or a deficiency can result in over heating of the body. ‘Yin’ is not only a physiological component but a psychological factor in maintaining the internal stillness and quiet. A ‘yin’ deficiency implies that the body’s organs are over excited or working excessively.

In order to relieve the body of its overheated state and replenish the ‘Yin’ deficiency, acupuncture is used as a cooling therapy which disperses Qi (body heat) equally across the body and creating a balance among the organs.
As with any symptom, hot flashes are an opportunity to change and preventing it from becoming more dramatic is in the betterment of our body.

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