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Tongue Diagnosis

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Initial Exam

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3 months into treatment

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5 months into treatment

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7 months into treatment

Main Concern(s): Scoliosis, Sciatica, Arthritis, Lower Back Pain, Leg Cramps

M. B

Aaron Li Balance Method

Main concerns: Scoliosis, Sciatica, Arthritis, Lower Back Pain, Leg Cramps

Patient: 61 years old, female, Michigan

Practitioner: Aaron Li


Patient history:

Patient has been dealing with chronic pain from sciatica, arthritis, and scoliosis. At its worst, she rates the pain level intensity to be at 8 to 10 out of 10, and she feels discomfort constantly every day. Moving in any way aggravates it, while sitting and taking olive leaf extract has helped to some extent to alleviate it. She has tried seeing a physical therapist, making dietary modifications, and seeing another acupuncturist which has not helped much.


Her pain affects her quality of life in every way in which she can’t walk or stand for very long, affecting her family life and hobbies. Other symptoms include difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, spasms and numbness, frequent urination, anxiety, depression, issues with bowel movements, and skin rashes.

In her initial exam, she talks about how the left side of her body always has a tingling sensation and always feels pain.  She also feels numbness in her feet.
She can only walk 3 to 8 blocks at most, take 30 minute shopping trips, and maybe stand for an hour.  She can not do household chores that require standing such as dishes. She feels limited in that she can’t go to any outings.  She is also dealing with emotional stress with family members passing. Has heat in the liver and veins in eyes slightly red.


Three months into treatment, she still feels like she can’t walk for prolonged periods of time.  She feels tightness in her hip and pelvic area, which affects her sleep quality.


Five months into treatment, she feels her mental and emotional health has become a lot more settled in terms of family loss, although she still feels worry.  She notices her hand rash has come back.  She feels hip pain and pain in her lower back when she sits. She feels like her sciatica pain has worsened and still feels limitations. Right now at 5/10.


Seven months into treatment, she still has rashes on her hands and head.

Although she still rates her pain at 7.5 to 8 out of ten, she notices that the tingling sensation is gone.  She still feels her left leg dragging and is still not quite at 100%. Injured leg pain is back from having relations.

            Patient has seen steady improvements to her pain level to being able to walk and stand              for longer periods of time.  She is able to finish more house chores and work as well as                go out to enjoy time with the people she cares about.  She is now on a monthly                                maintenance treatment.

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