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Lethargy is a state of tiredness, weariness, fatigue, or lack of energy. It can be accompanied by depression, decreased motivation, or apathy. Lethargy is also a response to inadequate sleep, overexertion, overworking, stress, lack of exercise, improper nutrition, lack of interest (this is a symptom of a disorder).

The cause of lethargy may be suggested by its pattern and accompanying symptoms. If it starts in the morning and lasts all day, it could be due to lack of sleep or depression. If it develops as the day passes and is accompanied by dry skin, constipation , cold sensitivity, and weight gain , it may be caused by an under-active thyroid gland. Persistent lethargy with no clear diagnosis may result from chronic fatigue syndrome , which can start with a flu-like illness and is often not relieved with rest.

In western medicine view,  it has been confirmed according to research that lethargy can have many causes. So many that it can be difficult to uncover the root cause of the lethargy.

According to Chinese Medicine, the root cause of lethargy can come from a variety of sources. A weak constitution, overwork, physical overexertion, poor diet, prolonged illness. In Chinese Medicine, acupuncture works great to naturally boost energy levels. Acupuncture will first focus on digestion to make sure that food is fully assimilated into the body, then tonify (supplement) and nourish the Kidneys, Liver, Spleen and Heart. The circulation of blood and Qi (the body’s essential energy) might also need to be reinvigorated and an accumulation of Phlegm resolved. A deficiency in the body’s essential warm energy (Yang) and fluids (Yin) might also be an underlying cause that needs to be addressed with acupuncture.

In Chinese Medicine, lethargy is a sign of underlying disharmonies in the body that requires early attention. Age, diseases, drugs or medications, organ dysfunction and lifestyle habits are some of the probable factors which cause lethargy. It is crucial to restore the natural flow of Qi when treating any disharmony in your body. Through acupuncture we could  promote and smooth flow of Qi, which relieves the symptoms of lethargy.

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