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Tongue Diagnosis

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Initial Exam

Main Concern(s): Eczema


Aaron Li Balance Method
Main Concern: Eczema
Patient: 64 years old, male, Michigan
Practitioner: Aaron Li

A. T

Patient history:

The patient’s main complaint is eczema concentrated on the lower abdomen, back, armpits, and scrotum regions. The eczema discomfort happens daily and can last hours at a time. He has tried topical medication (lotions and creams), which did not help alleviate his condition. He has also tried dietary modifications, which only helped some of his condition. Sleep quality is affected, and he awakens easily because of the discomfort.

He would like to become stronger and healthier. He rates a 10/10 importance on resolving his health concerns.



In his initial exam, kidney overactive, and lower back tension is seen. His belt aggravates his eczema around the abdomen and back.

After two months into treatment, the eczema is still apparent around the lower abdomen and back.

After five months into treatment there is a major visible reduction to the amount of eczema.
His pulse is getting better, kidney is normalized.
The lung and heart pulses are still deep, indicating dysfunctions of upper jiao.

After eight months into treatment, eczema around the lower abdomen and back are basically gone. Minor eczema around armpit and upper chest is still visible. He states that his bowels are not as hard, his energy is slightly better, and he doesn’t feel as fatigued. Sleep is still interrupted, but maybe slightly improved.

Patient’s eczema has cleared up mostly and is no longer causing major discomfort. His sleep is no longer interrupted and energy levels are back to normal. He is now on a monthly maintenance treatment.

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2 months into treatment

5 months into treatment

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Initial Exam 

8 months into treatment

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2 months into treatment

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5 months into treatment

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8 months into treatment

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