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Tongue Diagnosis

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Initial Exam

Main Concern(s): Bladder Control, IBS, and Sinus issues


C. M


Aaron Li Balance Method
Main concern(s): Bladder Control, IBS, and Sinus issues
Patient:  58 years old, female, Michigan
Practitioner: Aaron Li


Patient has been dealing with bladder control issues in which she uses the restroom every 2 hours. Patient also has been dealing with IBS which causes constipation. Her sinus issues cause migraines, breathing difficulties, and watery eyes. She rates her bowel and bladder health issues at a 10/10 at its worst in terms of causing discomfort in her life. She has tried medication, exercise, and dietary modifications which only helps temporarily. 

She hopes to not have to live her life in constant worry about being near a restroom, and wants to be more positive. Her hobbies include biking, walking, and gardening. Other symptoms include lack of concentration, fatigue, brittle finger nails, and eyes being swollen and painful.

In her initial exam she states that she had bladder control issues as a child. She used to be able to have more control in holding it, but now feels she doesn’t have that and has to always be near a bathroom and can not go to functions because of it.

Her bowel issues have also existed for as long as she can remember. She only has bowel movements every four days and when she does it is usually diarrhea.  She feels a constant stomach ache, excessive gas, and overall a negative mood due to having to deal with these issues.

Her sinus issues seem to be at its worst during drastic weather changes. The discomfort is described as pressure. Her sleep quality is affected since she wakes up two to five times a night, although she is usually fast at falling asleep.  She feels stiffness in her body when waking up.

Throughout her month-long treatment, she felt improvements in both her bladder and digestive discomforts.  She has been able to live her life without as much worry, and now is on a monthly maintenance treatment.

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