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Tibetan Medicinal Foot Soak

Saying in China: “When a tree dies, the roots die first; When a person ages, it is the feet that age first.”

You can get a patient that looks healthy, but they have an internal, chronic condition that comes back and you find a mysterious source of inflammation.

Think of the body like a snow globe.  Anything outside the cells will sediment downwards.  Also, the heart pumps by way of arteries and pushes blood throughout the body but it depends on our muscular movement to bring all the blood back.  Once we are injured or spend more time sitting down, we get poor venous return.  So, the blood going out and getting used isn’t going back so we get a lot of empty, dead blood that isn’t carrying much oxygen or many nutrients...

Enlighten Tea (Xiao Yao San Tea)


We start with the raw herbs. Earthy and straight from the mountainside. We use traditional selection criteria to ensure that we aren't just getting the best plants, but also the best parts of each plant. We utilize strict selection criteria for all approved suppliers. This implements strict quality control from raw materials to finished products ensuring quality, safety and consistency as the foundation to our company. 

Authenticity criteria and standardized chemical constituents are strictly set forth through: Expert analysis, PRC Pharmacopoeia standards, through independent TCM pharmaceutical standards, with further testing done by a third party laboratory.

The Best Herbs on the Planet...

Our Partners and Beautiful Tibet

Where do our herbs come from? 

Beautiful Tibet, China. Our Trusted Partners are there personally to ensure the quality and authenticity of our herbal products.

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