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Timing Medicine - Metaphysics

Universal Principles

I've always been inspired by the big picture and ultimate questions about life and the nature of reality. How are we all connected?


My in-depth training in the the holistic arts started with an epiphany — that everything is connected in a dynamic balance of interrelationships based on universal principles. The many expresses the one. Unity enfolds diversity. Diversity unfolds Unity.

In these ever-changing cycle of life, which are beyond our control, there are patterns to be found. These patterns are also ever-changing with the change of Timing-Environment.

Timing & Environment 

The Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, depending where on Earth, you may experience more of ONE season than another. All of the seasons has its own unique way of self-expression. These expressions can be observed by temperature and humidity. Subsequently, humans, animals, plants and all other life alike that nourish in different seasons to have a different expression as well. These unique expressions then forms culture, establish food chain and shapes plants. 

Inception & Beginnings

Say if you were to grow a plant... will the start date matter for the progression of plant and eventually it's fruits? 



We all know Spring is the best time to grow a plant!

Will the plant grow if it was seeded in the Late Winter? How about Early Summer?


But there will be significant difference in progression and result of the plant due to the environment timing change against it's own time. 

The 60 Units of Time

60 - Is it just a number?

There are 60 seconds in a Minute; 60 minutes in an Hour..

Why was 60 chosen as a unit to measure time?

60 = 120 / 2

Earth Completes self rotation on it's own axles in 12 years, then revolution around the sun in 10 years. 12 x 10 = 120. This means in 120 years we are right back where we (Earth) started in the universe in relative location to the Sun and other Stars. Each one of 12 Years in Earth's self rotation, is assigned as one Chinese Animal (Chinese zodiac), Each two unit of 10 Revolutions around the Sun is assigned as an Element, Yang and Yin of each Element Alternating. 

In Chinese Medicine, we measure things in 120, which consists of 60 Yang Cycle, 60 Yin Cycle. Yang and Yin alternate. These relationships rotate every unit of 60 from Yang to Yin, for every measurement of time, Hours, Days, Months and Years.

Where are You, in Time?

Similar with a seeding a plant that will mature differently due it's starting time in the sequential season change... We humans also gets affected by the changing of seasons beginning with when we draw our first breath in the universe.

Drawing your first breath, in the moment of Time will paint the picture of the alignment of stars. These stars will affect a person's preference and health. The start time of your first breath will affect your Prenatal Qi (元氣). This Prenatal Qi is also the body's constitution. In Chinese Medicine, a person's constitution determines the strength of each organ's energy and their relationships with each other. 


Not always, but in most cases, if a person's constitution is weak, person's likely to be sensitive to weather change. Also likely to be physically slender, often sick and will often need to pay attention to their health more compared to a person with strong constitution. A person of strong constitution in most cases will have a more vibrant health, rarely sick, stronger tone of voice. It's very likely that they will be thicker in build, and more capacity body mass. 

Four Pillars of Time

Hour, Day, Month and Year are the Four Pillars of Time. Each Pillar consists of Two characters each top and bottom, which makes a total of Eight Characters (八字), two rows and four columns.


The top row of four characters are called Heavenly Stems(天干), which are 10 different characters representing Earth's Timing of revolution around the Sun. The bottom row of four characters are called Earthly Branches(地支), which are 12 different characters representing Earth's Timing of its own rotation. 

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