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Insomnia is the inability falling asleep, staying asleep, or difficulty waking up. A sound sleep is an integral part which influences an individual’s daily life. Not having enough sleep can lead to issues varying from psychological to physical forms.

Here, we are going to observe the Western medicine concept as well as the Chinese medicine concept to understand the cause of insomnia and how to cure it.


Many factors lead to difficulty in sleeping and one of the most common causes is the presence of a medical condition e.g. nasal/sinus allergies, GIT (gastro-intestinal tract) issues, body ache and endocrine problems. Apart from that psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety can also be considered as a cause of the discomfort.


We describe the yin-yang theory to figure out the cause of insomnia. Yang means day time activities like working, eating and exercising whereas yin means night time activities like relaxing, sleeping and digesting. In order to obtain a good day and night, a balance needs to be maintained between these. An imbalance in the above mentioned factors leads to insomnia. 

Prescribing medication to treat insomnia has shown to induce side effects and dependency. Acupuncture offers a drug free approach to the management of these symptoms.

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