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Why Are The Acupuncture Points Used So Far Away From The Organs Intended?

I am often asked by my patients, "So if I am being treated for my stomach, why are the points so far away from it?"

The most powerful points of acupuncture and the most common are typically located on the extremities the body, at or below the knees and elbows. In Western physiological terms, the extremities (body parts at or below the knees and elbows) of the body responds to stimulation better than other points.

At the end of brain's motor nerves or the beginning of sensory nerves are where the nerve endings extremely sensitive. When these points are being stimulated by the acupuncture needle, the reflex action to the subcortex of the brain is so strong, it causes the body to experience a jolt or shock sensation. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we call this 得气 (De-Qi) or cultivating Qi. I will go in to depth on De-Qi in another Blog.

In short, acupuncture points used further away from the organ intended to treat is often used to maximize the treatment effects due to how our nerves work.

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